A Vow With You

Stepped outside to know
Wondering where to go
thinking when to see
asking where I’d be

I ran circles on the bay
living a life on the fray
feeling so weak and scared
hoping to feel being cared

Lying so helplessly on the ground
when will I be found?
catching the winds seems to be nice
watching moments pass my eyes

one day I was strucked by something
so unnerving and so enticing
is this real or a just a lie?
can someone tell me why?

bells ring in my head
filling me up more than a bread
nothing can be as sweet as this
no moment with you I want to miss

praying for memories not to fade
striving for new ones to be made
savoring every bit of sensation
running wild with our imagination

you mean more than any one in this world
more important for me than a food
let us not allow the chance to slip
cause nothing is more deep

I’ll not skip the kiss we love
nor the romance we have
will this last just now?
or will we go and take a vow?

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