Strait Ahead

Strait Ahead
By: Miguel Takatori

I. Introduction:

Randall Strait – a strait located in an uninhabitable part of the Arctic Ocean. It was named after Jones Randall, an explorer that first journeyed the then unexplored and uncharted strait. Randall and his crew died after 3 months of being stranded on the place, but not before sending a Morse code, which resulted in marking of the strait on the map of the known world.

Attempts of recovery, exploration and navigation were made since the discovery. All have failed. None returned… none collected anything other than shots from satellites that pass by the strait. But all images display the amount of death and despair that happened in that forsaken place.

Ships, boats, private planes and helicopters; all humped up on the ridge of the icy graveyard. No explorations were ever successful. No survivors were recorded.

30 years passed after the tragic Randall exploration, countries from all over the world embarked on their own journeys to lay claim to be the first to successfully explore the strait and return home. Hundreds of unorganized and organized explorations were commissioned, from pirates to well-known players, from small countries to the big shot ones. Attempts were made through air and water to reach, or even just to take photos of the strait itself, but none made it. These tragedies resulted for the UN and UNESCO to declare the cold hell a place not to be laid upon by anyone, ever.

Several professionals on topographical study, atmospheric temperatures and the likes, gave their own explanations why the strait is unreachable by any means. Ranging from extreme cold weather, to the icy formations surrounding the strait; were theorized to be the reason for its reputation. But due to the lack of proper research on the place, these remain as pure theories. 

II. The SS Deus ex Machina Logs

There is this documented and accepted log that was retrieved inside a floating metal vault on the Arctic Ocean near the strait. The vault contains audio and written accounts of a deep sea exploratory attempt to reach the place.

Then there’s one more content inside the vault; a dead and decomposing body of a man – the one who recorded all the logs. For the sake of confidentiality, the real names of all the personnel of the vessel were changed, save for the man in the vault, who wishes for his name to be acknowledged for creating the logs.

The author’s name is Artemio Tarub. Starting from the next chapters – all will be from the audio and written accounts of SS Deus ex Machina.

III. Chapter 1 – Journal 1

I can’t write much due to severe hunger and physical trauma after the disaster that occurred in the vessel. I will try my best to tell what happened. Our captain insisted that whatever nightmare we experienced must be known by the whole world; at any cost.

In case my hand gives up on writing, I have here 3 recording tapes to continue with the logs. I want to first start with the fact that I am inside a floating metal vault – the one used in the vessel to store food. Why I got stuck in here? I can’t quite remember.  What I clearly remember is that, there is SOMETHING that’s chasing me…something not human, nor near it.

I’ll rest a bit. I hope to still wake up and continue with this journal.

Stay tuned for the continuation….


To be torn in a torrent of thought
and be shredded on a flurry of naught
is a state that no one can fought
and a quagmire anybody won’t sought

A feeling that is not likable
stirring your brain like it’s malleable
and feel your head floating like dirigible
wishing that all the sensations are imaginable

Not by chance this is an option
and mind you, you can’t take a vacation
you can do nothing, not even a single action
which will give you a feeling of retention

Even the greatest kneel down in horror
when their heads are held down in stupor
nothing can save their pride and honor
not even their most wondrous splendor

Clogged with the thickest fear
that even the loudest sound you can’t hear
it will struck you so hard like a spear
that you can’t even cry a single tear

Do what you must as you please
cause whatever you do won’t appease
writhing won’t help the pain ease
because nothing can cure your disease

It will break the hardest of bones
and no one will heed your groans
not even hiding in the darkest zones
will save you from the tombstones

Death will sure be your ultimate end
and it will not let you call a friend
that even your suffering won’t amend
as it’s others lives you love to rend


It’s a long journey we’ve taken
and what we have can’t be forsaken
so long as we’ll stand together unshaken

Not to mention things we’ve done
or the places we’ve gone
our love still burns like the sun

We may cross our angers path
and incur each others wrath
but we still value what we hath

our feelings are so strong
as if we’ll never go wrong
and it will last far too long

words can’t explain our commitment
even just a look gives fullfilment
and I know this will lead to engagement

We’ll fight all the futility
defeat all the frailty
and after all that, we’ll lead to infinity


Looking for reasons to deal with it
Hoping to put out the heat
everytime our forces meet
we collide like an army’s fleet
not giving up until we’re both knocked off our feet

Neither one gets the upper hand
because we both demand
when our sharp words land
we both sound like a brigand
it seems we should disband

Questions will just ignite the fire
answers wont’t quell the ire
making the predicament more dire
and no one wants to become the squire
both of us sinking on a mire

are we going to be like this forever
each is a perfect contender
spinning and shaking inside a blender
trying to be the best offender
while we know both are so tender

fighting won’t yield a good seed
shouting will only make us bleed
and not accepting to be wrong is not a good deed
please I am on my knees to heed
for you and I to take the lead

let us change the rhythm of our heart
let us be love’s perfect art
let our respect go way above the chart
for both our feelings not to depart
and for us to forever never be apart

With You

months may pass in a days flash
years builds up and runs a dash
moments shared in bloods rush
kept so closed up in a stash

words said that are so sweet
hearts pounding when eyes meet
hands walking like in a street
bodies dancing in a beat

no one can compare to the sensation
nothing dares to change our direction
doubts going into sublimation
words not needed for confirmation

save the beauty of our love
a relationship as serene as a dove
thoughts more plenty than a mob
emotions much bigger than a flab

a gift of heaven that will not end
minds will that no one can bend
fortune that’s unlimited to spend
someone who’s worthy to defend

A Vow With You

Stepped outside to know
Wondering where to go
thinking when to see
asking where I’d be

I ran circles on the bay
living a life on the fray
feeling so weak and scared
hoping to feel being cared

Lying so helplessly on the ground
when will I be found?
catching the winds seems to be nice
watching moments pass my eyes

one day I was strucked by something
so unnerving and so enticing
is this real or a just a lie?
can someone tell me why?

bells ring in my head
filling me up more than a bread
nothing can be as sweet as this
no moment with you I want to miss

praying for memories not to fade
striving for new ones to be made
savoring every bit of sensation
running wild with our imagination

you mean more than any one in this world
more important for me than a food
let us not allow the chance to slip
cause nothing is more deep

I’ll not skip the kiss we love
nor the romance we have
will this last just now?
or will we go and take a vow?


Time passes like the ebb of a tide
Life misses things far and wide
Love surpasses even those of pride

Forever may not it meant to be
Eternity might not set you free
Love endures even ones frailty

Care can get one to smile
Romance may get you for a while
Love will get you going for a mile

Inspiration calms us at times
Thoughtfulness works like charms
Love makes the heart beat like chimes

Hope gives us a reason to go on
Faith heeds us to condone
Love gives us faith and hope not to be alone

Eternity’s Love

When love knows it’s growing?
when did couples know it’s time to get going?
when will they feel they are moving?

How does love seek it’s half?
How can one’s smile make the other laugh?
How happiness can make people tough?

Is it always blissful to love?
Is it wrong to not let go of your halve?
Is it too much not to turn the knob?

Who can say love is blind?
Who knows how it makes humans bind?
Who wants to be left behind?

All I feel what love should be,
All I want is you beside me,
All I think is you for eternity.


We are together for years,
We’ve shed so much tears,
yet all we get are excuses,
too many reasons and ruses,
I hate to say that time’s up,
but now is the time to give it up.

I am not be all too perfect,
I may not be the one you expect.

I can’t choose what you do,
I can’t tell when you are blue.

I may commit so much sin,
You are wrong that I always want to win.

I have done my best to make you feel,
to make you understand that it is real.

Have you felt that I am here?
Are you sure you have no fear?
Aren’t you still used that I am near?

You may not know the importance,
that is why you still pose a fighting stance,
but I am sure you will one day,
when I am so far, far away.

It may not be the best time to tell,
one day it will surely ring a bell.

Now, it is time to say good bye.
even though I don’t know why.


I can’t understand how people do what they do.
Acting as though they are not thinking it through.

Why are we so uncaring while living?
We don’t even share, much more, giving.

Can’t we see we need each other?
Not to hurt and kill our brother.

How do we expound our acts of violence?
Does it not show our lack of conscience?

We act like we are the ones who own,
While in truth, our life’s a loan.

In this world we walk temporarily,
For us to understand what is frailty.

When is the last time we stop and stare?
To look and think if all things are fair?

Do we have the courage to change the world?
Or will our eyes stay forever blurred?

It’s the time to take up courage and walk straight.
Before we wake up and realize it’s too late.