Life’s Riddles

Do you hear the waters crush?
Can you even see the air’s rush?
Have you smelled the lands lush?
Did you felt the fire’s hush?

Are the ones you know,
the only ones that show?

Are the only things that live,
the only ones we perceive?

We may felt it at times,
or even look for it on grimes.

Does having it gives us peace?
do we enjoy the lives we lease?

Thinking about how we exist,
crawling and searching in a mist!

We’ll all die if respect is nil,
don’t forget it’s us who kill.

A life that’s lived is not just a thought,
if it’s what we desire and fight to sought.

Minds Up

When a thought comes up,
pour it down on a cup,
or write it down on a pulp,
maybe tattoo it down on your scalp?

Hold it down for a while,
save it up like a file,
it may line up to a mile,
maybe it’ll build up like an isle?

Take it for a ride,
say it loud while you stride,
it’ll rise up like a tide,
maybe stretched far and wide?

What surprises you’ll find,
some sort of any kind,
a little twitch and grind,
if you explore and liberate your mind.


No need to repeat
just go with the beat
it’ll keep on coming around
whether there is no sound

No need to overreact
you know this is a fact
it’ll keep on coming around
whether it’s lost or found

No need to feel
just spin like a wheel
it’ll keep on coming around
whether we keep it on bound

No need to say
as it is on the way
it’ll keep on coming around
whether some act like a hound

No need to look
cause it’s an open book
it’ll keep on coming around
whether there is no ground

No need to go crazy
everything is a case of redundancy
it’ll keep on coming around
whether thoughts are confound


They come in all directions,
shifting, waving, varying in actions.

Is it already night?
Maybe, as there is an absence of light.

Huddled in a small corner,
can’t move any further.

Fear wraps me like a skin,
no hope for courage to win.

I prayed for a savior to help,
please hear my endless yelp!

Shoving and twirling to avoid those things,
I would have flied if I have wings.

As I let out an endless and shrieking scream,
Glad I woke up and realized it was a dream!