Looking for reasons to deal with it
Hoping to put out the heat
everytime our forces meet
we collide like an army’s fleet
not giving up until we’re both knocked off our feet

Neither one gets the upper hand
because we both demand
when our sharp words land
we both sound like a brigand
it seems we should disband

Questions will just ignite the fire
answers wont’t quell the ire
making the predicament more dire
and no one wants to become the squire
both of us sinking on a mire

are we going to be like this forever
each is a perfect contender
spinning and shaking inside a blender
trying to be the best offender
while we know both are so tender

fighting won’t yield a good seed
shouting will only make us bleed
and not accepting to be wrong is not a good deed
please I am on my knees to heed
for you and I to take the lead

let us change the rhythm of our heart
let us be love’s perfect art
let our respect go way above the chart
for both our feelings not to depart
and for us to forever never be apart