Strait Ahead

Strait Ahead
By: Miguel Takatori

I. Introduction:

Randall Strait – a strait located in an uninhabitable part of the Arctic Ocean. It was named after Jones Randall, an explorer that first journeyed the then unexplored and uncharted strait. Randall and his crew died after 3 months of being stranded on the place, but not before sending a Morse code, which resulted in marking of the strait on the map of the known world.

Attempts of recovery, exploration and navigation were made since the discovery. All have failed. None returned… none collected anything other than shots from satellites that pass by the strait. But all images display the amount of death and despair that happened in that forsaken place.

Ships, boats, private planes and helicopters; all humped up on the ridge of the icy graveyard. No explorations were ever successful. No survivors were recorded.

30 years passed after the tragic Randall exploration, countries from all over the world embarked on their own journeys to lay claim to be the first to successfully explore the strait and return home. Hundreds of unorganized and organized explorations were commissioned, from pirates to well-known players, from small countries to the big shot ones. Attempts were made through air and water to reach, or even just to take photos of the strait itself, but none made it. These tragedies resulted for the UN and UNESCO to declare the cold hell a place not to be laid upon by anyone, ever.

Several professionals on topographical study, atmospheric temperatures and the likes, gave their own explanations why the strait is unreachable by any means. Ranging from extreme cold weather, to the icy formations surrounding the strait; were theorized to be the reason for its reputation. But due to the lack of proper research on the place, these remain as pure theories. 

II. The SS Deus ex Machina Logs

There is this documented and accepted log that was retrieved inside a floating metal vault on the Arctic Ocean near the strait. The vault contains audio and written accounts of a deep sea exploratory attempt to reach the place.

Then there’s one more content inside the vault; a dead and decomposing body of a man – the one who recorded all the logs. For the sake of confidentiality, the real names of all the personnel of the vessel were changed, save for the man in the vault, who wishes for his name to be acknowledged for creating the logs.

The author’s name is Artemio Tarub. Starting from the next chapters – all will be from the audio and written accounts of SS Deus ex Machina.

III. Chapter 1 – Journal 1

I can’t write much due to severe hunger and physical trauma after the disaster that occurred in the vessel. I will try my best to tell what happened. Our captain insisted that whatever nightmare we experienced must be known by the whole world; at any cost.

In case my hand gives up on writing, I have here 3 recording tapes to continue with the logs. I want to first start with the fact that I am inside a floating metal vault – the one used in the vessel to store food. Why I got stuck in here? I can’t quite remember.  What I clearly remember is that, there is SOMETHING that’s chasing me…something not human, nor near it.

I’ll rest a bit. I hope to still wake up and continue with this journal.

Stay tuned for the continuation….