To be torn in a torrent of thought
and be shredded on a flurry of naught
is a state that no one can fought
and a quagmire anybody won’t sought

A feeling that is not likable
stirring your brain like it’s malleable
and feel your head floating like dirigible
wishing that all the sensations are imaginable

Not by chance this is an option
and mind you, you can’t take a vacation
you can do nothing, not even a single action
which will give you a feeling of retention

Even the greatest kneel down in horror
when their heads are held down in stupor
nothing can save their pride and honor
not even their most wondrous splendor

Clogged with the thickest fear
that even the loudest sound you can’t hear
it will struck you so hard like a spear
that you can’t even cry a single tear

Do what you must as you please
cause whatever you do won’t appease
writhing won’t help the pain ease
because nothing can cure your disease

It will break the hardest of bones
and no one will heed your groans
not even hiding in the darkest zones
will save you from the tombstones

Death will sure be your ultimate end
and it will not let you call a friend
that even your suffering won’t amend
as it’s others lives you love to rend